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Casey Kaleba

District of Columbia
Casey Kaleba started training with the SAFD in 1992, and has arranged violence for more than 300 professional and academic productions. A company member with Rorschach Theatre, he has staged fights for the Folger Theatre, Round House Theatre, Studio Theatre, WSC Avant Bard, National Players, Hub Theatre, Castleton Festival, No Rules Theatre, Forum Theatre, African Continuum Theatre, Olney Theatre, Signature Theatre, and the New Brunswick Theatre Festival. Academic productions include Georgetown, American, Gallaudet, and Catholic Universities along with the University of Maryland in both College Park and Baltimore County. He has taught for the University of Maryland, George Mason University, Shepherd University, Catholic University, Regent, and Old Dominion University, as well as serving as a regular guest artist for the Shakespeare Theatre and Folger Library. Casey has been a guest instructor for Fight Directors Canada and the Nordic Stagefight Society, an instructor at the Paddy Crean Workshop, and has taught at the Winter Wonderland, Carnage in the Corn, Virginia Beach Bash, and Bond vs. Bourne SAFD Workshops. He co-founded Tooth and Claw Combat Arts.