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Mike Mahaffey

Fight Director, Certified Teacher
Pacific West Region - AZ, CA, HI, NV
818 749-8393
Born and raised in Richland, Washington, about four hours south and east of Seattle, Mike has always been interested in stage and screen combat, having choreographed his first professional production the summer he graduated from High School. Mike enrolled at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, where he continued to create fights for university productions as well as helping to teach the stage combat component of his own movement program. He continued his training in graduate school by earning his Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina, and continued to work as a fight director for regional theatres all around the southeast. Mike then moved back to the Pacific Northwest, choosing Seattle as his next destination where he made a name for himself as the fight director for the critically acclaimed "Money & Run" series as well as numerous productions through Seattle, Tacoma and Portland, Oregon. Mike continues his acting and fight career today in Los Angeles where he has already established himself as a highly creative and qualified fight director and teacher of stage combat. He is also jumping into the big bad world of Opera with "Carmen" at San Diego Opera this spring, as well as assisting Fight Master Dale Girard with "Faust". Mike is recognized as a certified teacher and fight director by The Society of American Fight Directors, and is also a member of the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat, Revenge Arts and the Los Angeles Fight Academy. LA Theatre Credits include STONEFACE: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Buster Keaton (with French Stewart and Daisy Egan at the Pasadena Playhouse); The Trip Back Down (with Nick Stabile); Occupation, The Behavior of Broadus, Taste (directed by Stuart Gordon), Astroboy and the God of Comics and Live! From the Last Night of My Life (at the Sacred Fools Theatre), The Asassination of Leon Trotsky and Romeo & Juliet (at the Odyssey), Macbeth (The Edgemar Center), She Kills Monsters (LOFT Ensemble), Short Eyes (Urban Theatre Movement). Other credits: Midsummer Night’s Dream (English Theatre of Frankfurt). Film/TV: “The King’s Rook”, “Brush with Danger”, “Masters of Sex”, “Resident Evil: Degeneration”, “Chronicles of Narnia”, “The Gold Retrievers”, “The Bannen Way” and “Last Stand of the 300.” In his spare time? Long distance motorcycle riding is his main distraction.