Paul Steger

Professor, Johnny Carson School of Theatre & Film

Paul Steger is the former Director of the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film and Executive Director of the Nebraska Repertory Theatre. Steger has taught at some of America's most renowned theatre training programs, including Webster University's Conservatory, the North Carolina School of the Arts, Florida State University and the Asolo Conservatory. He is a member of Actor's Equity and the Screen Actor's Guild with numerous credits in the film, television and theatre industries. He is a proud member of the National Theatre Conference. Steger has directed more than 40 productions for the educational and professional theatre including River Stage, Nebraska Theatre Caravan, Wisconsin Shakespeare Festival, and the St. Louis and Nebraska Repertory Theatres. His collaborations with a variety of video and performance artists have played such venues as Franklin Furnace (NYC), The Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), The Contemporary Museum of Art (Glasgow), and the Ljubljana Festival (Croatia).

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