Regional Representatives









Have a Question or Concern about the SAFD?  Not sure where to start?  Contact your friendly neighborhood Regional Rep!

These Individuals are your First Point of Contact to answer ALL your questions about the SAFD - how the Society works, training opportunities, the skills proficiency test, how to join, and more. A regional representative can also help you with information and events in your local area. Many of our members teach classes, perform, produce and direct near you.  

Our representatives have, and continue to develop, local representation throughout the country to help both current SAFD members and interested individuals.

Not sure what SAFD region you reside in?  The information can be found on your Membership Profile or find your Region / Representative below.


  • Ian Bond

    Ian Bond

    Northwest Regional Representative, Advanced Actor Combatant
  • Collin Bressie

    Collin Bressie

    Pacific West Regional Representative, Certified Teacher
  • Jacqueline Holloway

    Jacqueline Holloway

    East Central Regional Representative, Certified Teacher, Fight Director
  • Adam Noble

    Adam Noble

    Southwest Regional Representative, FD/CT
  • Jacob  Noon

    Jacob Noon

    Rocky Mountain Regional Representative, Intermediate Actor Combatant
  • Aaron Preusse

    Aaron Preusse

    Mid-America Regional Representative, Fight Director, Certified Teacher
  • David Sterritt

    David Sterritt

    Southeast Region Representative, Certified Teacher, Coordinator A-Town Throw Down
  • Claire Yearman

    Claire Yearman

    Certified Teacher, Great Lakes Regional Rep
  • Bret Yount

    Bret Yount

    International Regional Rep