Training During COVID

COVID has caused continuing challenges to stage combat, live theatre, and normal life in general. In particular, the delta and omicron variants thwarted a lot of attempts to return to normalcy, though we are seeing a lot of progress in creating a new normal. In light of this, the Governing Body has voted to adopt a new policy that adjusts the previous COVID grace periods for proficiencies and gives time for members to renew status before the grace period ends. The new policy is as follows:

Any proficiency that had an expiration date between March 1, 2020 and May 1, 2022 now has its expiration date adjusted to May 1, 2023. Any proficiencies expiring prior to March 1, 2020 are considered lapsed. Any proficiencies with an expiration date later than May 1, 2022 have a normal timeline. 



Q: So my proficiency in X said “expires August 9, 2021”. When does it expire? 

A: It now expires May 1, 2023, but you should prioritize renewing it to keep your skills current.


Q: I had a proficiency expire in January 2020, is it valid?

A: No, it is considered lapsed because its expiration was prior to March 1, 2020


Q: I took an SPT in 2021, does it get extra years added to it?

A: No, an SPT from 2021 would expire in 2024, so is outside the new COVID policy.


Q: What about things like Actor Combatant/Intermediate/Advanced status?

A: Those flow from your current proficiencies, so check what you have that is current (including this new extension, if it applies), and that should tell if your status is current.


Q: Will website bios reflect this?

A: If possible, yes, but this is a complicated measure to incorporate into website data. We are working diligently to update the website, but please rely on your hard copy certifications as backups for your personal bookkeeping, and contact the secretary ( if you have further questions.


Q: Wait, I had a thing expire on March 15, 2020. Is it still good?

A: Technically, yes, it falls within our grace period and gets its expiration rewritten to May 1, 2023. However, that places you in the extreme example of the extension, and means it’s been rather a long time since you’ve trained in that discipline. You don’t want to misrepresent your skills, do you? Good news, the regional workshops are starting back up all over the place. Come rejoin the fight family and shake off that rust! We miss you!


Q: I’m still confused. Who do I ask about this?

A: Your regional representative (, or any of the member representatives ( Maybe get to know your current member rep on the governing body!


Online Training

During the COVID-19 crisis, and in places where training in-person can be difficult, The College of Fight Masters has created some guidelines for training outside of the usual methods for the SAFD listed below.

KEEP IN MIND: the SAFD puts necessary emphasis on in-person learning, and these guidelines are not an endorsement of the methods below as a substitute for in-person learning.

COVID gear!

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Show off your Quarantine projects!

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