The Governing Body

The SAFD Governing Body is elected by the SAFD dues-paying membership and serves as an SAFD board of directors maintaining policy and direction for the SAFD.

The SAFD Governing Body is constructed of two parts. The Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer, serve a term of three years. The four Member Representatives, consisting of a Fight Master rep, a Fight Director rep, a Certified Teacher rep and the Advanced Actor/Combatant + Actor/Combatant + Friend rep, serve a term of three years that has elections on a different cycle than the Executive Committee.

As requested by the membership, more information on individual responsibilities (expanded from the By-Laws) will be posted here soon.

  • Christopher Elst

    Christopher Elst

    Secretary, Certified Teacher
  • Sarah Flanagan

    Sarah Flanagan

    Combatant / Friend Representative, Certified Teacher
  • Charlton Gavitt

    Charlton Gavitt

    Treasurer, "Skyhook"
  • Robb Hunter

    Robb Hunter

    Fight Master, Fight Director Representative, Certified Fight Director, Certified Teacher, Theatrical Firearms Instructor
  • Jenny Male

    Jenny Male

    Certified Teacher Representative, Certified Teacher
  • Robert Najarian

    Robert Najarian

    Vice-President, Fight Director, Certified Teacher
  • Richard Raether

    Richard Raether

    Fight Master Representative, Fight Master/Fight Director/Certified Teacher
  • Christina Traister

    Christina Traister

    President - Fight Master - NSCW Coordinator - Associate Professor