Guidelines for Submission to The Fight Master

Article Submission:

Each issue contains five to seven articles, ranging in length from 800 to 4,000 words (excluding footnotes), and submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Articles should be submitted via e-mail to Jillian Sterritt,

Accepted File Format: Word document or PDF

Referencing Style: Associated Press Stylebook (with endnotes and bibliography) 1.

Font: Times New Roman 2.


Body 12

Title 14 Bold

Section Titles 12 Bold

Endnotes 10 3.


Title: bold, center

Text: justified left

Block quotes: indented with additional space on either side of the quote

Paragraphs: indented, and without spaces in between, except before and after block quotes

Page numbers: bottom right

Additional Submission Information:

Articles must also include a short author biography of 75 words or less, an abstract of the article of 100 words or less, a photograph of the author and contact information.

Review Process:

The Editor reviews articles before they are delegated to an associate editor. This associate editor serves as the point person for the author regarding suggested changes or revisions recommended by the staff editors. Before publication, authors are required to provide written approval for all changes beyond grammar and style conventions to preserve the integrity of the author’s intentions.

Photography Submissions:

These guidelines have been established to provide clarity regarding photographic images submitted for publication in The Fight Master. Following these parameters does not guarantee inclusion within the publication, however these guidelines are necessary for us to achieve the best possible reproduction of any image(s) submitted.

Accepted Photography Format:

1 Low-resolution JPEGs are ideal for the initial selection and approval process, however once an image is approved for publication, high-resolution RGB, TIFF or JPEG files are required

2 Cover image submissions should be vertically oriented, 8” x 11” and at least 300 dpi

3 Please do NOT crop or alter photos. Touch-ups and color correction will be performed as needed

Photography Quality/Composition:

The following are general photographic quality/composition guidelines for The Fight Master; however, we are always willing to consider other possibilities. Be creative!

1 Sharp focus and good, clear composition - One or two figures should be the maximum focus - Subjects should be attractively framed - Backgrounds should be plain, dark or blurred whenever possible to avoid competition with the figures and allow for placement of type over the image

2 Good contrast with rich, vivid color

3 Proper exposure (no overexposed or underexposed images)

4 Interesting subject matter - All images should have a dynamic quality (for example, an active moment of staged violence versus a “held” or “posed” moment of staged violence) - Photos should depict the performance of staged violence rather than the demonstration of technique (unless the demonstration directly reflects an article or theme of the publication) - Models should be dressed for a performance and illustrate safe and effective staged violence practices with full emotional commitment - Short depth of field adds to the active quality of an image - Pictures taken from unique angles or perspectives are generally more visually interesting than standard eye-level

Photography Information:

  1. All photos should be accompanied with the names of the performers w/ roles (if fewer than five are pictured), the photographer, the play/film/television title, playwright/author, fight director, director, theatre/production company, and year of the performance/release/airing. Without this information, we cannot give proper credit to the contributors and the image will not be used
  2. Please label the image file with the photographer’s full name (i.e. FIRSTLASTNAME.jpeg) Payment: At this time, we are unable to pay for contributions, however efforts are under way to increase our global presence and our advertising to make compensation possible. For now, we are limited to providing additional copies upon request.