Wayne Jones (pronouns not set)

Wayne duFrancis (Stage Name).

Based in Beeston, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England..

4 yrs Labyrinth Productions- Actor & Combat Practitioner,Archery coach, Outside Theatrical shows for English Heritage & castles in England.

10 Yrs Three Shires Medieval Society- Actor,Combat Practitioner,Show Director & Fight choreographer, Archery coach, Quarterstaff coach,Outside theatre at various castles in England & medieval banquets.

In 1999 Co-founded Hands Of Time Productions-Actor,Combat Practitioner,Show Director & Fight choreographer,Archery coach, Quarterstaff coach, at many castles in England & banquets (Medieval & Renaissance) Also murder mystery's.

Trained in various Martial artist, Iai-do, Iai-jutsu, Bujinkan, BudoTaiJutsu, Karate-jutsu, European martial arts. English Longbow.

I have been trained by various martial art masters all above 5 Dan,some personal instructors at 9th Dan I always refuse to take my Dan grades as I believe a belt just holds your pants up, but my Masters have often said I should have had my own club for many years.

I have studied the F.A.S.T. style of combat for re-enactment also the English Stagecraft & American Stagecraft (which I think is the safest).

Also I have working knowledge & experience with various firearms. I prefer revolvers but am comfortable & proficient around ACP pistols. Rifle knowledge is limited to bolt action rifles & the 7.62 FN-SLR. At present no active shotgun experience.

Motorcyclist since being the age of 24

Plus basic ( I mean basic) horse riding skills.

Also took part in "The Battle of Orgreave" Documentary for channel 4filmed on 17 June 2001 and first screened on Channel 4 on 20 October 2002. Bye Event plan & Artangle.

Hands Of Time Productions IS mentioned in the end credits.

See pics I am shown kneeling on the Third row, Third picture wearing the multi toned top.



  • wpooz@yahoo.co.uk
  • International sword masters & fight choreographers guild. Hands Of Time Productions England.

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