Danielle Rosvally (She/Her/Hers)

Assistant Professor

Danielle Rosvally is an assistant professor of theatre at the University at Buffalo. She holds a PhD from Tufts University where she studied nineteenth Century American representations of Shakespeare on the New York Stage as an expression of the Americanization of a Shakespearean commodity. She has published articles in HowlRound, Theatre Topics, The Fight Master, and more.  Her work as a fight director has been seen in Boston in productions such as: Richard III (Balch Arena Theatre), Bocón (Apollinaire), the IRNE-winning BENT (Zeitgeist), Good Television (Zeitgeist), Or, (Balch Arena Theatre), Rent (Balch Arena Theatre), Macbeth (Charlestown Working Theater), Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven (Apollinaire), Welcome to Arroyo’s (Balch Arena Theatre), Company (Blackbox Productions), and Lost in Thought (Simple Machine/Boston Theatre Marathon; assisted Meron Langsner).  Danielle actively teaches stage combat and has recently run workshops at Broadway Breakthru, Charlestown Working Theatre, The Opposite of People Theatre, and Apollinaire Stage.  She starred in the award-winning fight-intensive short film “Love Hurts” produced by Malarkey films for the 2013 Boston 48-hour film festival.


Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade

Connecticut Theatre Exchange 2023

Jun 23, 2023 Unarmed Washington, Connecticut Recommended Pass
Jun 23, 2023 Small Sword Washington, Connecticut Recommended Pass
Jun 23, 2023 Broadsword Washington, Connecticut Recommended Pass
Jun 23, 2023 Broadsword and Shield Washington, Connecticut Recommended Pass
Jun 23, 2023 Rapier and Dagger Washington, Connecticut Basic Pass

Fredricksen Intensive 2022

May 15, 2022 Broadsword Ann Arbor, Michigan Basic Pass

Neutral Chaos Summer 2019

Sep 15, 2019 Broadsword and Shield Brooklyn, New York Basic Pass

The Fredericksen

Jun 1, 2019 Firearm Ann Arbor, Michigan Recommended Pass

Boston Broadsword SPT

Jan 18, 2019 Unarmed Boston, Massachusetts Recommended Pass
Jan 18, 2019 Broadsword Boston, Massachusetts Basic Pass

Shakespeare & Company

Nov 12, 2008 Unarmed Lennox, Massachusetts Basic Pass