Therese Young (pronouns not set)


A jack of all trades artist whose primary focus is the performing arts industry. Therese is exceptionally talented in acting, singing, poetry, and emerging as a playwright. She is also professionally licensed in the fields of cosmetology, aesthetics, and makeup artistry with a beauty business that she currently owns named “Beautifully Fractured”. A strong entrepreneurship professional, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree focused in Theatre and Performance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is a lover and writer of the spoken word. Therese has recently begun receiving certifications in SAFD as a means to fulfill her desire to be a stage combatant on the stage and the screen. Currently, she lends her voice to a radio serial that takes place Sunday evenings in Chicago on WCGO AM with Eclectic Full Contact Theatre titled “The Shade”.

Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade

Actor's Gym Rapier and Dagger Winter 2019

Mar 31, 2019 Rapier and Dagger Evanston, Illinois Basic Pass

Actor's Gym Fall 2018

Dec 2, 2018 Broadsword Evanston, Illinois Basic Pass

Actor's Gym Fall of 2017

Dec 10, 2017 Unarmed Evanston, Illinois Basic Pass