Harmony Zhang (pronouns not set)




My name is Harmony Zhang. I have a BA in Psychology & Theater Studies from Duke, with a Certificate in Policy, Journalism & Media Studies. I am a 2019 MFA in Acting graduate from DePaul University, and I plan to work as an actress, writer, and producer in Chicago and Los Angeles. I would love to learn from any of you, and please reach out to me and don't hesitate to ask any questions! 

Some fun facts about me are: I love eating Chinese food, and I was born in Tucson, Arizona.

Glad to be here!


Skill Proficiency History

Date Weapon Location Grade

DePaul Winter 2018

Mar 8, 2018 Unarmed Chicago, Illinois Basic Pass
Mar 8, 2018 Rapier and Dagger Chicago, Illinois Recommended Pass
Mar 8, 2018 Broadsword Chicago, Illinois Recommended Pass